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Lawn Care Augusta is a lawn care service dedicated to providing top-notch, high quality lawn maintenance. We are dependable, thorough, and professional. We dedicate ourselves to properly manicuring and caring for your lawn, to make sure that it is not only beautiful, but healthy and substantial too. Therefore, we tailor our services to your yard’s specific needs.

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Winter Lawn Care

We won’t ignore your lawn in the winter, as many people including our competitors tend to do. We know that the cold season is prime time for certain types of troublesome nutrient draining weeds such as bittercress, wild onion, chickweed, and henbit, so we like to eradicate those nutrient draining weeds. We use a special winterized fertilizer which allow the soil to capture and store nutrients in order to maintain the nourishment throughout the winter to showcase those lush greens when we roll into spring.

Spring Lawn Care

This is one of the most important times of year for lawn care, so once spring springs up on us, we get right to business removing out thatch from atop the grass, and identifying those clumped patches of grass.

Next, we’ll aerate your soil (which recommend 2-3 times per year), as it has most likely become very dense over the winter, and that is not ideal for root health and the growth of plants and grass.

Once we have aerated your soil, we have to check and balance the pH level of your soil. Because we here at Lawn Care Augusta know our stuff, we add the right amount of lime to your lawn to fix the acidity and bring it back to balance, without overdoing it. Adding too much lime can make your soil too alkaline, and cause your yard to suffer.

After we have corrected your pH levels, we begin the process of seeding and fertilizing. We like to go easy on fertilization in the spring due to the fact that your grass will have to compete with fast growing weeds. The seeding and fertilizing is mainly for any bare or sparse areas of your lawn. Should you have any of these bare patches, we seed and fertilize that spot to get the yard even and beautiful again.

Finally, we get down to brass taxes. The primary focus in the spring is weed control. Predominate weeds at this time of the year include clover, ground ivy, dandelions, violets, oxalis, and plantain. We like to put down a pre-emergent weed control because that is the best preventative measure for combating weeds. For broadleaf weeds that are already active, we use a specialized post-emergent weed control.

Summer Lawn Care

It is summer time now, and the birds are chirping, the kids are out playing and the sun is beaming down. It is beaming down hot and bright, providing your grass and other plants with energy, but in the summer it can be a bit overwhelming and damaging if not exploited properly. For that very reason, we use a special summer fertilizer for support and resiliency. A summer fertilizer coupled with a proper watering regiment will produce and maintain that sought after lush green lawn.

Spot seeding is done here and there to fill in any lighter or more sparse areas.  Spot weed control is also done for those stubborn broadleaf weeds.

Mowing the grass in the summer requires precaution, as cutting it too short isn’t exactly what you want to do. In fact, you want to do the opposite. The length of grass blades determines the grounds benefits for keeping the soil healthy and productive. Tall blades of grass are able to obtain more sunlight, which via photosynthesis, it turns into nutrients for the roots and soil. Taller blades of grass also provide shade for shorter blades and allow the ground to hold in moisture during the hotter drier periods of the summer months.
To avoid cutting the grass too low, it is best to set the lawn mower blade to the highest level.

Fall Lawn Care

Now fall has fallen us, and with the cooler air, the grass begins to grow more slowly. This is not the time, however, to take a break from lawn care. Fall is the season to begin preparation to help your lawn survive the oncoming winter, and thrive in the following spring.
As your lawn care experts, we realize that there are cool season grasses and warm season grasses. Before beginning the fall time lawn preparation, you must know what you are dealing with. Identifying grass types, and whether they are cool season or warm season types may not be one of your everyday tasks, but Lawn Care Augusta is at your service.
Warm Season Grasses Include:
Zoysia grass
Bermuda grass
Buffalo grass
Carpet grass
Centipede grass
St. Augustine grass

As the weather begins to cool off, warm season grass growth begins to slow. The grass becomes dormant, and it turns brown. Therefore fret not at the sight of brown grass, because this is just a characteristic of warm season grass in the fall. This also means that the maintenance for your warm season grass in the fall usually just involves weed control, pH balancing, and your usual raking.
Of course, if you are not too keen on the brown color of your warm season grass in the fall, we can over seed your lawn with a cool season grass. This will give your lawn that lush green in the winter.

Cool Season Grasses Include:

Annual Ryegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass
Perennial Ryegrass
Red Fescue

Cool season grasses reach their peak for growth in the fall, so this is prime time for strengthening and cultivation. Lawn care for your cool season grass this time of year consists of aerating the soil, balancing the pH, and dethatching. We also use a specialized cool season fertilizer to maximize the overall health and asthetic.
Your lawn is in the right hands with Lawn Care Augusta.

We offer the best services in lawn maintenace at an affordable price! 

We cover all bases from basic lawn mowing to landscaping. We mow, blow (leaf blowing) and edge your lawn. We perform weed control, eradicating and preventing the growth of those pesky and hideous nusances. We clean gutters, fix and maintain irrigation systems, plant care, and garden care. We fill in th bald patches in your lawn where the grass just refuses to grow. and we also fertilize your land for optimum growth, do soil aeration, and pH balance correction to promote healthy growth in the future.

As devoted lawn care professionals, we understand that your yard requires specific attention relative to the season and weather. With this in mind, we meticulously plan and execute a lawn care program guaranteed to yield the absolute best results. The most effective lawn care programs begin early in the year, and continue throughout summer and fall. We know this process like we know our name, LawnCareAugusta, and we will execute.

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