Need Your Lawn Mowed?


Lawn Care Augusta does it right.

Did  you know that in addition to keepig your lawn looking neat, mowing is also a form of pruning the grass?

Therefore, no more than one third of the grass blades should be cut at one time. Cutting just enough allows the lawn to become more dense and fruitful.

If cut too short, the grass could end up damaged, making for that unattractive brown lawn that no one wanted, ever.

We’re the experts… Let us do it right for you!


Want that beautiful, awe-inspiring, and highly sought after landscape?

We do planting, to bring some life to your lawn. Give it some freshness with lively greenery, or give it that pop with foral coloration.

Give your lawn some contrast with pine straw, mulch, or decorative stones. Not only does this look great, but it also offers root protection when placed around trees and plants.

Ground Care

Soil Aeration – pH Balance – Fertilization

Why aerate your soil? What is it?

Soil aeration consists of peircing the ground with many small holes. This breaks up and loosens compact soil, allowing for better airflow and penetration for water and nutrients.

Soil pH Balance? WHat’s the purpose?

Depending on the plant type, a certain pH alkalinity in the soil is ideal for optimum growth. If the acidity is to high, we add lime to balance things out.


We used specialized foormulas in our fertilizer based on the season. We ensure optimum growth and enrichment for your lawn.


Your Lawn needs water!

Let us make sure your grass and plants are being properly watered.

Whether you have an in ground system, or any of the other various types of sprinkler systems, we will educate you on properly watering your lawn.

Hedges & Trees

Why trim Hedges?

Simple. Trimmed hedges look better than wild untamed looking hedges and bushes. There is more to it though.

Trimming is actually pruning. So in trimming them is actually ideal for the over all health of your hedges. It also primes those fruit bearing and flower bearing varieties for optimum growth.

The same is true for trees.

Pruning or trimming is great for removing parts effected by disease or infestation, dead or dying branches, and branches that are too long or growing in weird directions.

Depending on the age of your hedges or trees, they may need more attention. Newly planted trees or hedges, for exaple, need formative trimming for the first few years.

When and how often should trimming or pruning be carried out?

This all depends on the age and type. Let Lawn Care Augusta be your expert at identifying this for you!